New Year - new studio time

Last year in September I signed the lease for my own studio, MY OWN STUDIO!

Not somewhere temporary, not somewhere shared - Trewidden Studio No.14, my own space! Somewhere to have my tools and materials accessible, space to lay things out and leave them out if I want to, space to work on more than one thing at once and to make some bigger work, space to surround myself with things that inspire me.....

But it's a long way to get from having a studio to making it my studio.
It started off in the first week with Open Studios, we used it like a gallery space for Paul's paintings and we shared studio 7 for exhibiting both our work. Then I got really busy preparing for my exhibition in November with Victoria, no time to even think about how to organise my space - a big fold out table was quickly set up, toolbox put on the floor and I worked not feeling connected to the space in any way, it felt like working in a store room, but studio time was very productive, walks in the garden in between sorting and pressing leaves, bigger pieces started to happen

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