Are the leaves treated or coated to make them stronger?

No. I just work very carefully with very small hooks and needles.  

Do a lot of the leaves break in the process of making?

It took me a very long time to get to know the limits of the materials I work with. When I start a piece of work I have a fairly clear idea what a particular leaf or piece of wood will allow me to do, so thankfully breakages are very rare these days.

What about longevity?

Leaves decay through the exposure to the weather, insects, microorganisms and the sunlight's UV rays and every effort is made to protect my works from these influences. All my leaves are washed and thoroughly dried for several weeks after collection. Sometimes a leaf stays at the studio for years before I select it for a piece of work. Drying is the standard conservation technique used by botanists all over the world; Kew gardens in London for example holds dried and pressed specimen that are over 200 years old. 
All leaf works are mounted behind conservation grade glass, which filters out over 99% of UV rays. However the colour of the leaves cannot be guaranteed and may change slightly with time.

Is your work for sale?

Yes. I mainly sell my work through gallery shows and at art fairs. For currently available work click here and for upcoming shows here.

The cost of a piece of work varies very much depending on the size of the piece and the time spent making it. All works are framed behind museum quality UV filter glass in custom made white washed ash frames.

Do you take commissions?

Yes. Each piece has its own individual character due to the uniqueness of each leaf or piece of wood used, but most of the works you can see on my website can serve as inspiration for a new creation. I'm always happy to receive enquiries and to discuss options.
Works can also be shipped worldwide.